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Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping is the #1 frustration for Chocolatiers, as our delicious products are very sensitive to temperature. Julie's Chocolate bonbons are made with fresh ingredients and in order to assure the chocolates reach their destination safely and as fresh as possible, packages are sent as fast as possible, which can be costly. Weather is continuously a factor and we do not want your chocolates to melt in a delivery truck or warehouse.  

When will my shipment be sent?

Julie's Chocolate ships all orders Monday - Wednesday to avoid melting. If we are unable to ship your order immediately and have it arrive before the weekend, we will hold that shipment until the following Monday so the chocolates do not sit in a warehouse over the weekend. This is especially important in periods of warmer weather. 

Are there any black out dates for shipping?

We do not ship on the following dates: Thanksgiving eve, Thanksgiving day, Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Years eve, New Years day.

Help! I have a chocolate emergency, can you ship overnight?

Yes, please contact us directly via and we can provide an estimate for overnight shipping.

Do you ship in the summer months?

Unfortunately no, Julie's Chocolate does not ship during the warm Spring / Summer months. 

Does Julie's Chocolate have a storefront?

Currently no, Julie's Chocolate does not have a storefront but we do offer pop-up shops occasionally throughout the year! Please refer to the Chocolate Events page.


How long can I keep my bonbons?

Julie's Chocolate bonbons are made with fresh ingredients and should be eaten within 2 weeks of leaving the shop... but can you really wait two weeks to eat those chocolates?? 

How do I store the chocolates?

Ideally, the chocolate bonbons should be stored in a cool place (60 - 70F) and away from direct sunlight. The best location would be a wine fridge or air conditioned room. The chocolates can be refrigerated but it is recommended you place them in a ziplock bag to reduce the the chance of humidity reaching the chocolates. Refrigerated chocolates can be kept for up to 1 month.

Can I customize bonbons for my special or corporate event?

Whether it's a wedding, a birthday, corporate event, a reunion, etc. Julie's Chocolate bonbons are always a welcome guest! We can provide gifts in a variety of sizes with custom flavors and designs / colors. For a treat your guests will remember, please contact us directly at

How long does it take to make the bonbons?

Each of Julie's bonbons are individually painted, cast with chocolate, filled with deliciousness and then closed with chocolate. This is a multi-step process that takes place across multiple days! 

Do you have a list of all the bonbon flavors?

Yes! Please visit our Flavors page for a complete list of our bonbon current flavors.


Julie's Chocolate cannot be held responsible for damage to packages (heat or otherwise) that may occur during shipping. We work hard to prevent any damage during transit, however, once the products leave our shop, any damage that may occure is out of our hands. We are also not responsible for shipping delays caused by our shipping provider due to weather or any other circumstances beyond our control.

If at anytime you are unsatisfied with your order, please email Julie directly at with your name and order number and we will contact you right away. We want your Julie's Chocolate experience to be as seamless as possible, and will do everything we can to do so. 

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